Unique Gastronomy Experience!

World famous Michelin Star chefs are at Notias Restaurant in be Premium Bodrum!

Be Premium Bodrum continues to host their guests in an environment intertwined with nature, with the stunning beauty of the unique sea view and its unlimited service approach and to provide their guests with a magnificent luxury experience at the top. Be Premium Bodrum is also happy to bring together the successful names of the gastronomy world, prepared to host the Michelin Star chefs who have shaped the world cuisine with their passion and originality, with their valuable guests.

Be Premium Bodrum is getting ready to create a unique gastronomic experience that brings together the local flavors of Bodrum and the Aegean, meticulously selected flavor samples from the world cuisine and different tastes.

Three Michelin stars Thomas Bühner from Germany, two stars Paco Roncero from Spain, one Michelin star Anatoly Kazakov from Russia, two Michelin stars Anthony Genovese from Italy and one star Yoji Tokuyoshi from Japan will join the gastronomic event will be realize from July 1st to September 10th at Be Premium Bodrum.


Frequently Asked Questions


Be Premium Bodrum offers you the special menus of world famous Chefs at Notias Restaurant.


• Do I need to stay at the hotel to make a reservation?

You do not need to stay in Be Premium Bodrum to participate in the organization where the special menus of Michelin Star Chefs will be served at Notias Restaurant. You can join this special dinner from anywhere in the world by making a reservation.


• How can I make a reservation?

For Notias Restaurant, you can make a reservation for any Michelin Star Chef you want via our reservation line +90 531 390 71 40 or via our e-mail address The prices of the special menus prepared by the chefs vary according to the days. You can get price information during reservation or through our contact addresses.


• How can I come?

Our guests who do not stay in our hotel can reach by road or sea. Our Pier provides special service for marine vehicles. If you request, your transfer is provided at Notias Restaurant with our VIP vehicles within the borders of Bodrum.


• Will all Chefs serve on the same day?

World-renowned Chefs will serve our guests menus with special tastes between July 1st and September 10th.

Paco Roncero July 1 – July 15

Anatoly Kazakov 15 July – 01 August

Anthony Genovese ​August 01 – August 15

Thomas Buhner 15 August – 1 September

Yoji Tokuyoshi ​September 01 – September 10


• What is the menu to be served?

Special Signature Menus prepared by Michelin Star Chefs will be served with paired wine, and if you wish, you can order your desired beverage from the Notias Restaurant menu. You can observe the service process and chat in our open kitchen.


• There are other subjects I want to learn, how can I ask you?

You can always reach us via our Notias Restaurant reservation line +90 531 390 71 40, watsapp or e-mail address.


Paco Roncero is one of the leading representatives of the avant-garde Spanish cuisine, not just within Spain but also abroad. A technical and creative signature cuisine which goes beyond a personal cooking style, and also represents a way of offering and understanding gastronomy as a unique sensorial experience.

He is currently the executive chef and director of the NH Collection Casino de Madrid and its restaurant Paco Roncero Restaurant, that was named until October 2019 La Terraza del Casino and of gastro-bars Estado Puro in Madrid and Shanghai. He is the Founder and Chef of Sublimotion, the most advanced and innovative restaurant ever imagined which is located at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza, the first hotel in Europe by the famous brand.

He trained at Madrid's Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo (Tourism and Culinary Arts School) and he worked as an intern at Zalacaín and the Hotel Ritz until, in 1991, he became part of the staff at Casino de Madrid. Five years later he was named chef of the Casino's banquets department and in the year 2000 he was promoted to head chef of the entire Casino, which included the events department and the restaurant La Terraza del Casino, already under the management of NH Hoteles.  It was then that his creative personality exploded, which translated into a total revolution for the Casino de Madrid and for the national culinary scene.

Among his many personal awards he has the Chef L'Avenir, awarded by the International Academy of Gastronomy and the National Gastronomy Award from the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy, and in 2019 he is a candidate to be one of the best chefs in the world by the prestigious list The Best Chef Awards.


Anatoly Kazakov is one of the most famous Russian chefs in the World. His career began with several internships in restaurants in Italy, including the legendary Gualtiero Marchesi, who is considered the Creator of modern Italian cuisine, in his three-star Gualtiero Marchesi restaurant. In 2012, Kazakov won the Silver triangle competition, becoming the Best Young Chef, and six months later reached the Final of S. Pellegrino Cooking Cup 2012.  
Since 2014, Anatoly Kazakov is heading the kitchen of restaurant Selfie in Moscow. In 2017Selfie entered "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" rating for the first time – it was 88th in long list, in 2018 it improved the result by 18 points, taking the 70th place, and in 2019 it reached the 65th position. Also, in 2018 Selfie restaurant received four caps out of five from the French guide Gault&Millau, and Anatoly Kazakov himself received a special award and was called“Chef of the year”, and in 2019 GQ magazine also recognized him as chef of the year.
Anatoly is also the brand chef of Selfie restaurant in Nursultan and Benedict in Moscow.

Chef Kazakov's style is simplicity, elegance, pure taste of the products and personal connections with suppliers. Now Kazakov is working with about 20 farmers across Russia (mostly around Moscow): they are supplying Selfie kitchen with fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, rare mushrooms, herbs and algae. "Twice a year, I gather my farmers in the restaurant. We cook dinner and discuss interesting products they can grow for us. We create a seasonal calendar of products and decide how much of these do we need to grow”, - he says.
Like many other leading chefs of the world, Anatoly is seriously concerned about ethical consumption and preserving the ecology of our planet for future generations. His sensational gastronomic "Edible/Non-edible" degustation menu was created according to all the principles of ethical consumption. In the beginning of 2020 he launched a new tasting menu "The Roots" about the alternative history of root-crops in Russia.


Born to Calabrese parents in France in 1968, Chef Genovese's love for his roots has stayed with him throughout his professional career. His story begins in France, where his culinary education was based. After joining l'Ecole Hoteliére de Nice, he works in a number of star-rated French restaurants (in Monaco, Marseille and Nice). His connection with Italy eventually brings him to the Enoteca Pinchiorri*** in Florence.

Its journey then continues to Asia, more specifically to Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. He then returns to Italy to Rossellinis, the restaurant of the Hotel Palazzo Sasso in the town of Ravello, where he earned his first Michelin star. Finally, he makes his way to the capital, where in 2003 his circus took shape: Il Pagliaccio. Like a traveling circus that embraces the world in a fusion of flavors and aromas, Il Pagliaccio's menu radiates a lifetime of creativity and experience, and the chef's "tightrope walker" can balance them out.

Mediterranean roots. A cuisine that encompasses its origins, spanning France and Italy, further enriched by its worldwide experience. East Asia continues to inspire the chef and distinguish his clean, elegant and instantly recognizable culinary creations. Reaching the pinnacle of his artistic maturity, Anthony Genovese entered a full circle by returning to his roots and purging himself of the superficial. It's a return to the simplicity that has become his trademark.


Thomas Bühner, who will attend from Germany between August 15 and September 1, is considered one of the most important chefs of Germany. Thomas Bühner, who won his first Michelin star at La Table in 1996 and was awarded this honor for the second time in 1998, was named Gault Millau's Chef of the Year in 2006. Bühner, who took over the management of Restaurant La Vie in Rose brick in the same year, became the Grand Chef of Relais & Chateaux during this time. It was awarded the Michelin star for the third time in 2011.


Born in Japan, Yoji Tokuyoshi grew up in the small town of Tottori. Coming from a family of pharmacists, his career choice was rather unorthodox. At the age of 18, Tokuyoshi left his hometown to attend cooking school in Tokyo where he, followingly, worked at a number of Italian restaurants.

A decade later, and hungry for more, Tokuyoshi embarked upon what would prove to be a life-changing trip to Italy. His trip turned into eight years as sous-chef at Osteria Francescana as well as staging under some of the most esteemed chefs like Ferran Adrià.

As the sous-chef of Massimo Bottura, Tokuyoshi learned the long-rooted tradition of the Italian cuisine, and with the desire to create something new he opened his own restaurant, Ristorante Tokuyoshi, in Milan on February 4, 2015.  In December 2015, it received its first Michelin star.

Ristorante Tokuyoshi proposes an Italian cuisine interpreted with the eye and philosophy of a Japanese, the merging of two cultures aimed at innovation: the Italian cuisine of Yoji Tokuyoshi. His cuisine takes a starting point in his ideas, his memory and, above all, his creativity, brought to life through Italian ingredients and the craftsmanship and techniques of his native culture.

All his dishes convey an element of chef Tokuyoshi’s dual personality between the two cultures.

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